LaTeX Images not showing

Steps to reproduce

Write -$$1$$-
Navigate to a different bullet point

Expected result

I expect to see -1- (where the 1 in the middle is rendered as LaTeX)

Actual result

I see image


I’m using the Dynalist Desktop App for Windows, I’ve reproduced this in browser on Windows + Ubuntu (Chrome and Midori), on desktop for Ubuntu & Windows and on the Android app

No third party scripts

Additional information

I get this bug for all LaTeX code.

If the code is invalid, it’s left as $$INVALID CODE$$ rather than becoming blank

Sometimes it happens in one version of Dynalist but not others, eg desktop Ubuntu but not browser Ubuntu, sometimes it happens everywhere. Sometimes when I load the document, all the images are there, but when I navigate to the bullet and then off it, the images in that bullet vanish.

I’ve been using documents with a lot of LaTeX in them, eg Galois Theory - Dynalist , but this happens even in an empty document.

Sometimes closing and reopening Dynalist fixes it, sometimes it doesn’t

Additional comments

Do you see any errors in the developer consoles when they don’t show up?

Huh, I do, thanks! Looks like there was a syntax error ($$\Q$$, but any syntax error replicates the effect).

I can now reproduce the effect - when I make a syntax error, that line is displayed as \Q and LaTeX still works fine. But when I refresh the page, that line is displayed as a blank space, and it looks like KaTeX gets stuck. The LaTeX code above it renders, the code below doesn’t, and if I write new LaTeX code or edit other code, they remain as blank spaces. The developer console reports ParseErrors, and sometimes run time errors.

I’ve now managed to patch the problem for now by going through and fixing all of the syntax errors manually, thanks so much for the help!

Specifically the runtime error is “29Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.”

Ah I see. I think I have an idea what’s happening here. Will see how I can fix it!

I’ve made a fix for this - specifically it should now render in red when you write something that’s not recognized: image

Nice, this both seems to resolve the problem, and has instantly made debugging LaTeX go from being a bit of a pain to being notably nicer than in regular LaTeX editors!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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