Latex colorbox

I was playing around with latex support, using the commands found at:

and while most of it is working, I could not get the following example to work:

Is there support for colorbox?


It depends on which version KaTeX introduced it – the version that we’re using is a bit dated.

Also Dynalist only supports inline (not block level) functions.

Do you know these information for \fcolorbox?

@Erica honestly I am very new to Latex. I tried many other formatting options, and this was the only one I tested that didn’t work.

So I can’t answer this question. But it makes sense it could be related to the Katex version.

Ok, I’ve added a task to update our KaTeX version. Let’s see if that fixes it.

Great! That enables some good formatting options.

Should be enabled in the newest version now (web only for now, coming to desktop very soon).

@Erica this is now working. thanks! very cool by the way.

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