LaTeX and code output do not align

Steps to reproduce

Paste following three items in Dynalist:
Text & code: XXX `XXX`
Text & LaTeX: XXX $$XXX$$
LaTeX & code: $$XXX$$ `XXX`

Expected result

Text, code and LaTeX output should all align to the same baseline.

Actual result

LaTeX and code mixed on one line (3rd item) don’t align at all.


Win10 x64 Pro, Chrome 61.0.3163.100

Hi Lukas, thanks for the bug report, we’ll do what we can do to fix it.

We can’t 100% align stuff with LaTeX though, just FYI, since Dynalist gives raw LaTeX for KaTeX to render, and we don’t interfere the process. The LaTeX itself might be taller than the original line to look nice, resulting in slight misalignments.

The 3rd item in your screenshot should definitely be fixed. I mean that in the first item, it’s also very slightly misaligned, which is unavoidable for now, sorry about that part.

First two lines were only meant as a reference; they look perfectly fine by me!

Only third line threw me off, since that drop of the base line occured only in that particular combination of elements.

Cool, just want to make sure that’s the expected result for you. It’s still a tiny bit misaligned, but that one is hard to fix.

Btw I’ve fixed it and it should be out the next time we release (most likely next Monday). Thanks again for the bug report! :smiley:

As far as I am concerned, this topic can be considered fixed! :+1:

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Thanks for the kind update Lukas! Closing it :slight_smile: