Last 5 specific views on dynalist history

I would like a feature for this

I use a one document workflow. Occassionally I will have my bookmarks tab open, it varies depending on how much space I have on my screen

What I would really like is something akin to “You visited these 5 last document view modes”

The UX/UI behavior would look very similar to

Once you click the link it goes back to that specific view mode

This way, I can automatically figure out what last things I was working on anywhere in dynalist very easily

We’ve actually thought about this before, and there’s the roadmap item for it:

The only thing I don’t understand in your post is why would it look like Reddit? What’s the upvote and downvote buttons for?

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well ignore the upvote and downvote button there not relevant, I just needed something easy to screengrab and reference to

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