Kick But Dark Keyboard For IOS


Currently, the ios app has a white keyboard—for all themes (even the awesome dark one)

Which, looks like this:

It would be super cool if the dark theme also had a dark… keyboard.

Which… could look like this:

Can we get something like this? (Pretty please?)

Thoughts? Comments? Rantings?

All the best,


P.s. Dynalist is awesome!

Get Swiftkey. It’s an awesome keyboard app and it’s black.

Hey Alan,

I agree Swiftkey is great. Thing is, swiftkey doesn’t let you use the “firm-press-thingy” to move the cursor. (Not sure what this is called. 3dtouch maybe?)

Unless, I’m mistaken, the only keyboard which lets you do that is the native apple keyboard.

So yeah, I’m still hoping the Dynalist wizards implement the stock dark keyboard for Ios.

Fingers crossed.

Swiftkey does have that feature.

OMG Alan. You’re right! It does! Thanks so much for coming back and correcting me.

When did this happen? It wasn’t like this 4 months ago.