Keymap Option to Toggle Custom CSS On/Off

I tend to use a colored background in my Custom CSS and it does not look good when printing, Would like to be able to toggle off the CSS to print and then quickly turn it back on. Could be added to the formatting section of the Keymap options.

Have been pasting out to Workflowy in a separate tab just to print, but that’s a super kludgy solution.

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If you find yourself frequently toggling the CSS then you might be better off with something like Stylus

Hmm, so the custom CSS is affecting printed style?

That sounds like something we should fix, unless you specifically want your custom CSS to be applied to printing.

That would be great. I did encounter similar experience when I print something with tags, due to my custom CSS setting, the tags’s background are very dark to almost can’t read it.

I think in most cases you don’t want custom CSS to affect print styles, so let’s make it a default then?

@KC @Craig

having custom CSS not affect print styles is certainly a good solution for my use case

Yep that sound like a good solution for me too.