Keyboard shortcuts

What are the keyboard shortcuts to:
create a new file
create a new document
create a bookmark
go to a bookmark


There’s no keyboard shortcut for these actions right now, sorry about that!

You can use Ctrl+O to go to a bookmark. Is that what you’re asking? Or do you want to use a single shortcut to go to a specific bookmark?

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It would be nice to have everything available from the keyboard (checkvist does this very well). I don’t really see the point of shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+B and Ctrl+Shift+F, since you can’t use the keyboard after that do things in those panes.

I now see that bookmarks are shown in the Ctrl+O window. But how is a bookmark different than the list itself, which is already shown, so the list now is displayed twice if bookmarked? I was thinking it would link to a position within the list.


Do you have any plans to provide full keyboard support? Am I really the only one who needs this? I don’t understand why it’s only partially implemented and buggy (see my other reports on page up/down, focus when switching documents, find, etc.). Do none of the developers prefer the keyboard?

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No it one my Most Wanted for using this for my iPad Pro, so hopefully this will come soon


Difference: (1) you can bookmark any item, it doesn’t have to be a document, and you can even bookmark search results. To bookmark an item, do so in its item menu, or zoom in and click on the star icon. (2) You can give it a custom name, which doesn’t have to be the same as the content of the list.

Not sure how full you’re talking about. Things like creating documents need more consideration because you need to somehow specify where you want to create the document.

We’re going to allow customization for more shortcuts soon (before we didn’t because there are too many shortcut conflicts with the browser defaults), but I can’t guarantee that we’ll have a shortcut for every conceivable action like in Checkvist, and we never advertise Dynalist as a tool that you can use without a mouse. I apologize for the misunderstanding if our homepage somehow conveyed that message.

I don’t think a keyboard shortcut for every possible action is needed, but I do think being able to work entirely without the mouse is important. Since you already have Ctrl+Shift+F to show the document list, maybe within that pane, support arrow keys to move between documents, n to create a new document, Esc to return to the list, etc. (and something similar for bookmarks and tags).

Be creative. Do it the Dynalist way. Shortcuts for the most common commands, and maybe an omnibar (kind of like the Ctrl+O document list), with a list of all commands that can be filtered by typing in to quickly perform any command.


+1 , ctrl+O document list is the only keyboard shortcut I really utilize at the moment, and piotr’s omnipanel

I would like a CTRL+O document/ bookmark search that has more features baked into it

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We’ve been having this idea on the back burner for a while now. We imagine something like Sublime Text’s bar, but more powerful. The thought hasn’t matured yet, but we do like the idea very much.

Like IntelliJ IDEA’s ‘Navigating to Action’ (Ctrl+Shift+A)?

Yep, something like that for power users.

Yes, I concur! Something that has been bugging me is that I do a search for something using the Ctrl F shortcut, but then I can’t select any of my results without having to touch my mouse again. Surely I should be able to hit tab or the arrows or something to start navigating through my results???


Yeah, that would be cool. We’ll think about it! Thanks for the suggestion :bouquet:

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Hello! I would like to see this feature happen too. Any news? :slight_smile:

Not yet, sorry!

I recommend opening a new feature request topic specifically about this, as this is a “Help” thread and has already been marked as resolved.

That way, more people can find it and join the discussion. We can also update it more easily that way.

I can open the topic if you don’t know how to. Thanks in advance!