Keyboard shortcuts for toggling focus

Keyboard shortcuts for forcing focus to eg. the files/bookmarks pane and to the actual outline would be useful. The keyboard shortcut documentation doesn’t show any atm.


Currently shortcuts don’t work in files/bookmarks pane at all, so I imagine this wouldn’t be of much use. Hopefully soon!

@erica and @Coffeeling I actually also really want this.

In my mind, it’d be cool if I could open the bookmarks or files menu with CMD+F or CMD+SHIFT+B, then use the arrows to navigate up or down through the objects.

@Coffeeling I don’t know if this helps, but I recently realised I could navigate not only to Files, but also Bookmarks using “Open File Finder” (CMD+O). It is a bit of work to set up, but I prefixed all my bookmarks e.g. “bkmrk - My Page” and now it’s trivial to search for bookmarks with this feature.


I agree with the suggestion to enable keyboard navigation of the files list.

I went through something similar a while ago, setting up bookmarks for all the items I might want to jump to, but eventually I found it was too much of a pain to manage all of them. So I started prefixing important items with a certain character to enable jumping using the File Finder (a Pro feature). For a while I prefixed with period (.) – thinking it was visually unobtrusive and easy to type on a phone – but this generated many false positives, like (if I wanted to jump to the item named not just but also ...end of sentence. is..., as well as and every other Amazon link in all my documents. And I’m depending less on the phone for my Dynalist usage. So recently I changed to using backslash (\). This has two distinct advantages: it disappears (I guess because it’s treated as an escape character, so \Title is displayed as Title except while editing), and it is relatively unique so it generates almost no false positives.