Keyboard shortcuts for toggling focus


Keyboard shortcuts for forcing focus to eg. the files/bookmarks pane and to the actual outline would be useful. The keyboard shortcut documentation doesn’t show any atm.


Currently shortcuts don’t work in files/bookmarks pane at all, so I imagine this wouldn’t be of much use. Hopefully soon!


@erica and @Coffeeling I actually also really want this.

In my mind, it’d be cool if I could open the bookmarks or files menu with CMD+F or CMD+SHIFT+B, then use the arrows to navigate up or down through the objects.

@Coffeeling I don’t know if this helps, but I recently realised I could navigate not only to Files, but also Bookmarks using “Open File Finder” (CMD+O). It is a bit of work to set up, but I prefixed all my bookmarks e.g. “bkmrk - My Page” and now it’s trivial to search for bookmarks with this feature.