Keyboard shortcuts don't work in flat search results page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Perform a flat search (ctrl+return) - this case is using a bookmark of a flat search
  2. From the results page press keyboard shortcut to go back to the inbox

Expected result

The view returns to my inbox, as it does from normal document view

Actual result

Nothing happens


Windows + Chrome desktop + no scripts except custom CSS

Additional information

The ‘Quick add to inbox’ shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+I for me) opens up the Chrome Devtools window (i.e. the default browser inspect shortcut) so it looks like keyboard presses aren’t being processed when in flat search results view

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Good catch, will fix soon!


A fix is ready and will be released soon!

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Oh brilliant, it catches me out pretty much every day!

Hi Shida - jump to inbox shortcut now works, thanks, that’s my main problem fixed. Did you see in the additional info in the main post that insert into inbox also suffers from the same problem?

In my testing the add to inbox shortcut worked as it should (instead of opening the inspector shortcut) while in flat search. Is that what you’re asking?

Yes that’s right, Ctrl+Shift+I brings up the inspector in Chrome rather than the add to inbox popup. Only affects flat search results page. Have checked other extension shortcuts, have cleared and remapped in Dynalist keymap, done Ctrl+F5 refresh, but consistently does this:

That’s weird - if you remap the shortcut to something else, does it work or does it do nothing?

Remapped to Ctrl+Alt+N and it does nothing. If it helps, it then appears still not to do anything if I navigate back to the standard (non-flat search) view

Reproduced with the original and new mappings on my Chromebook as well as Chrome on Windows.

I can live with it, getting back to the inbox was the main frustration

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