Keyboard shortcut to open node menu


Pretty much what it says on the tin. Sometimes you just don’t remember the shortcut for a specific action, so a shortcut to open that node’s menu would be amazing.


I like the idea, it also requires being able to use Up and Down to navigate the menu, otherwise that would default the purpose.


Totally. I’m sure this did go through the minds of creators at Dynalist but I’m wondering why it couldn’t be that while the menu is open, the Up and Down navigate the menu instead of navigating the nodes.


This is a nice idea. What if then as well as up and down, you could use numbers to pick the right option (1 for the top option, 2 for the next etc) ? That would make this a bit more speedy, although then people might get annoyed when you add a new option and all the shortcuts change :smiley:


It would, but I don’t see how that would be in any way a bad thing. Keyboard shortcut to open, focus is on popup menu, arrows navigate, esc dismisses menu and refocuses on bullet. Should be good.


Wait, we’re talking about the item menu, right?


That’s my understanding of this topic. Item is also called “node” by some people so I assumed…


Yeah, whatever the individual bullets are called.