Keyboard Shortcut Support Mobile (Indent/Outdent)

I use Dynalist on the iPad quite a bit. When I’m taking heavy notes, I’m indenting and outdenting a lot, but the desktop Tab and Shift+Tab shortcuts don’t work on the iOS version. Moving bullet points up and down with a keyboard shortcut would also be very useful for the same reason.

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Hi @Joseph_Draschil, thanks for the suggestion!

On iOS the basic navigation keys like Tab, Up, and Down are intercepted at the OS level, so we never get a chance to know you pressed it, basically :frowning:

Our plan is to go with alternative keyboard shortcuts and make them customizable. Stay tuned for that! :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate that the OS intercepts the standard keyboard presses.

Strangely, the web app ( in Mobile Safari) still supports indenting/un-indenting with shift/tab+shift. So, until your solution comes along, I’ll use the web app when I need quick keyboard typing.

On an unrelated note, I don’t know how a team of two manages the level of continuous product innovation and excellent customer support (including roadmap, forum, release notes, etc) that you guys do, but it is impressive. Wanting to support your great team and make sure you can continue to build this awesome product is one of the main reasons I upgraded to Pro.

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Woah, thanks for the kind words and generous support! Awesome, understanding users like yourself is one of the main reasons to keep us going!

Good news is that we’ve found a way to bypass that and it should be available in the next iOS app update :slight_smile:

Hi @Erica - is there any plan to introduce keyboard shortcuts to the iPad native app? I also use Things by Cultured Code for task management, and they have mapped hardware keyboard shortcuts for all navigation and editing.

Would be great to at least be able to tab for indent/outdent and use arrow keys for nav.

@Zach_Fuchs The good news is that keyboard shortcuts, such as indent/unindent (command+tab/shift+command+tab) and navigating items (arrow keys) work. See my screen recording:

Sadly, moving nodes up and down in a list is still not supported (command+arrow up/down just jumps to the beginning/end of the text line). I wish that one would be implemented for iPad, as it still requires me to tap the on-screen icons to move nodes up/down.

I’m using my iPad Pro maybe 50% of the time as a laptop replacement. I have the LTE version, and the quick resume time makes it ideal for a lot of the non-coding work that I do.

I’m a recent convert to the infinite outline world. I started with workflowy, and then found dynalist. So far I really like the desktop app experience in both apps, and appreciate the “use time as a cross cutting axis” features in dynalist.

However, both workflowy and dynalist iOS apps are not sufficient to replace the desktop experience. I think that perhaps vendors are thinking about these apps as “phone” apps, i.e., great for brief capture ideas but not for organizing / refactoring activities. However, I would love to see an attempt on the iOS app to attempt to replace the desktop app.

I read the earlier posts in this thread about iOS eating shortcuts. I also saw another feature request for vim keybindings. Perhaps that vim-like key bindings could be the answer for mobile apps if the OS is eating keystrokes?

Thanks for the great work BTW. Really love the use of Trello to interact with the community too. I might need to adopt that for my service …


Good news, we might be able to get the “eaten” Up/Down keys back starting iOS 13. We’re looking into it!

Thanks for sharing, I hope Trello works well for you company too. We’d have used Dynalist for the roadmap if we don’t need to collect votes though :wink: