Keyboard shortcut for links


I’d like to be able to select some text, hit a keyboard shortcut, and have a pop-up appear (similar to the date picker) that lets me enter a URL. The output would be [text](url).

Add the universal ctrl+k to shortcut for URLs

I think this feature request falls under the larger scope of a WYSIWYG editor.


It would definitely be solved by the WYSIWYG editor feature, but I think it can also be it’s own very small feature that would save a lot of time. Pasting links is pretty time-consuming. The existing functionality is great, but I’d just love the shortcut that Ken is describing.


Absolutely. ctrl+k (the universal command) works for the forums even!

Speaking of WYSIWYG, the forums have this too!




My usual use case: select some test, hit Cmd-K, expect it to get surrounded by [ and ]()m and for my cursor to get moved to in between the parentheses.


@Erica Wanted to bump this !


+1 for CTRL-K shortcut ! It’s definitely a missing feature… :frowning:


I would love this, as well. I came here to submit a request, and found this existing thread. Often I find myself writing the bullet point and then grabbing the link that I want to insert. Having “cmd/ctrl + k” would be a wonderful time-saver!


Same here. I would use it regularly too.