Keyboard shorcut for highlighting text

Only a small thing but a keyboard shortcut to highlight text in the manner of bolding (Ctrl b) or italics (Ctrl i) etc would be handy and save typing the == before and after the text. I checked and there isn’t such a shortcut listed in the Dynalist keyboard shortcuts list


Try dynalist in a browser. It’s there. Features in the browser app are added a couple weeks before they get added to the desktop app.

Thanks. Yes I use the browser version exclusively. And I can see the Highlighting entry in the right hand panel. But what I was after is the keyboard shortcut for highlighting. It is not listed on the keyboard shortcut reference page - probably doesn’t exist yet (but happy to hear about it if it does) and hence the suggestion etc

oh no look here in keymap

pro users get a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that arent listed on the defaults page and we can set them to anything. the help page is just the ones free users get.

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Aha - good to know. Thanks - exactly what I was after.