KaTex \vec not rendering correctly

Steps to reproduce

  1. type $$\vec{a}$$
  2. not rendering correctly

Expected result

rendering like in https://katex.org/

Actual result

upper half is shade


macOS Mojave
desktop app 1.1.16

Additional information


Additional comments

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Thanks for the bug report! I was able to reproduce it.

It looks like we should update our KaTeX library again. Added to our to fix list and will fix as soon as we can!


This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!

Not fixed for me:


Windows 10, latest Chrome.

Hmm, you’re right. We have updated KaTeX multiple times after that, so maybe it became broke again.

Tracked in our issue tracker!