Kanban-like, like Workflowy

Workflowy nowadays has this feature where you can arrange your bullets into a kanban structure. when you zoom a node, it comes back to list structure but you can set it up as table in any level you want it.
its pretty awesome tbh.
I think that might be a killer feature not so hard to implement that could make Dynalist better.
I know that you are currently working more on Obsidian than in Dynalist though


This has been the most requested feature for 5 years running, haha. See all feature requests here https://trello.com/b/z0HxDPNo/dynalist-roadmap

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Actually, Workflowy’s implementation of board view is completely different from the “Split screen” request on Dynalist’s Trello. Basically, each top-level parent item in an outline is turned into a column, and its immediate children become the column’s “cards”, with their descendents inside the cards. It could be interesting for people who like the kanban interface.

It’s not the same as the idea of having multiple panes/tabs/windows that can each have any document or section open and allow you to drag things between them, which is the top request on the Trello board. Apparently, Workflowy is also planning such a “panes” feature, but doesn’t offer it yet.

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I agree that the Workflowy kanban view is an awesome feature.

(Not so awesome is that the Windows app freezes on my laptop when trying to
open it (despite Revo Uninstalling, downloading and reinstalling anew) when I leave it in kanban view (lots of words, not many bullets). Browser continues to work. No idea why this happens; no response from Workflowy support.)

So I’d support having the view in Dynalist, with the proviso that it functions reliably in the Windows app. I hate using the browser for this.

For me, after trying it out a little, the Colour and Kanban combo is enough to make me use Workflowy. And the combo definitely matters; I don’t think kanban on its own would be so compelling.
(Though I don’t need to exceed the number of monthly bullets, so paying is moot.)
In general, I like Dynalist more. But will that be enough for me to use it if I’m using Workflowy already?

I just laid out a bunch of post-it notes to organize my thoughts. If DynaList had kanban i would have used that instead.

I agree w would not use both this and Workflowy. It would be redundant. But if they simply plug a few functionality gaps compared to DynaList I would switch. Things like Kanban and the ability to compose an outline by embedding other outlines are quite useful.

Actually, Dynalist does have its own killer features, at least for my use. There’s article view and the ability to export without bullets (plaintext admittedly). For some types of writing, bullets are helpful in first draft, even when they won’t be wanted later and ability to strip them is good.

Oh for sure it does, but the idea of having 2 apps to capture and organize all your information doesn’t work. If you use one of these just for document drafting or something, I guess I could see that.

I wouldn’t use either of them for that.

Bumping this request.
A more general alternative might also be multi-pane or multi-window view, with dragging functionality between panes.

Bad news - Erica has confirmed that they are maintaining but not advancing Dynalist. No new features, and no small bug fixes. They will do what they need to in order to keep it compatible with changes in OS, but that’s it.

@Four_Acts Well, I have been out of the loop! Can you link where she mentioned that? (Thanks!)