Just discovered Dynalist and love it but

Should I put periods at the end of my bullet points?

In all seriousness, I am a productivity nerd. I’ve tried ToodleDo, 2Do, Todoist, Evernote, Onenote, Wunderlist, Nirvana HQ, etc., etc., Most are great in their own rights have pros and cons, but one thing I’ve always struggled with was combining my productivity, GTD system, with a comprehensive notes and knowledge repository tool. In my search for such a tool, I came across WorkFlowy (great app) and decided to challenge myself with the free-unstructured approach to project management. I admit, I was little nervous about some things, such as lack of repeating tasks, due dates, etc. But it was a challenge damn it!

Then I came across Dynalist on AlternativeTo.com and one user comment saying that it was WorkFlowy but suped up. Decided to try it out and so far… It’s had a weird impact on my mind.
It’s odd, I feel like my mind has been freed from some structure imposed by fields and data input. How I organize something is not how the software works, rather how my mind sees a problem. Like an endless blank piece of paper with super tools.

I am an accountant. Storing projects, lists, and now - as my career grows and I research and answer highly technical questions - I have a clear, logical structure to put it all. I can even share all that work with my coworkers and wife (who’s also an accountant) and we can build an amazing total library.

So I just want to say thanks. Thanks for the tool and to the developers making it.


I’ve been a pro writer since 1996 and found myself struggling with the period question as well. I’ve found it’s helpful not to use periods when listing spurts of information and to use periods when sentences, of course, are called for as well as in lists containing a mixture of spurts and sentences. I think there’s a balance at play with the period when listing info such as this:

  • Text spurt.

  • Longer text spurt.

  • This is a sentence and needs a period, especially because another sentence will follow. This is a short sentence.

The aforementioned copy wouldn’t feel right without periods at the end of the first two bullet points.

Enjoy Dynalist! It’s awesome!

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My 2 cents: I don’t put periods. It will look awkward if there are multiple sentences, so I try to not do that and have only one sentence.

I also never end an item with colon.