I've sent 4 messages to Dynalist about having accidentally subcribing to Dynalist Pro for 1 year instead of one month with no reply

This is my5 th message to Dynalist on this topic without having received a reply.

Last week while trying subscribe to Dynalist Pro for a month, I accidentally subscribed for 1 year instead.

Please change my subscription from 1 year to 1 month and refund to me the difference in price.
Charles Mandell
Ph: 3473928761

Did you use http://dynalist.io/feedback while signed in to the account, thats the best bet for generating a help ticket

Yes I did.

Check your email spam folder? Sometimes folks don’t see the response

I’ve been getting no replies from Dynalist customer support, either, despite being entitled to “Priority Support” as a paying subscriber. (Nope, the mails aren’t in my spam folder; in previous years, “pre-Obsidian”, replies from Dynalist customer support used to arrive promptly and reliably.)

I’m wondering if you’ve tried going through Obsidian channels for support?

Nope, I don’t want to “abuse the system”, so to speak. :smiley: (I did have an Obsidian support request, though, which was resolved promptly.)

Great news! I’ve just received an email reply from Dynalist support, which fully resolved my issue, and they even gave me 1 month of free Pro subscription as an apology for the delay.

It appears that my original emails landed in their spam folder, rather than their reply in ours, which is why there was no reaction.

This may also have happened with your requests submitted via email, @Charles_Mandell & @Randy-Traveller.

Truth be told, in 2024, emails have become such an extremely unreliable mode of communication, I much prefer software providers who offer web-based tickets to provide tech support to their customers. This might be a good way to proceed in future for Dynalist and Obsidian customer support, I think.

(I somehow think someone must have noticed these recent posts of mine here in the forum, and only thanks to that, they were able to locate my emails in their spam folder retroactively. Without this web-based forum, they might still not have noticed my emails…)