Items with only a date become blank google calendar appointments

Steps to reproduce

generate a dates list to give some spacial sense to your appointments
!(2018-08-22) on the 5th day, god created cloud outliners

Expected result

Just one appointment in google calendar

Actual result

5 appointments in google calendar, 4 are blank



Additional information

Additional comments

I know it’s not exactly a bug, but I’d like this logic added :slight_smile:

Are those five dates in separate item/nodes?

Right now if there’s a date, a Google Calendar event is created no matter if it has content or not. Are you proposing that an event shouldn’t be added to Google Calendar when it has nothing more than the dates?

Honestly it’s a bit weird, since the date is also part of the item content, right?

Ya. I guess it should have been posted to feature requests.

They’re separate items, I put my upcoming things in them. I might turn off Google Calendar integration since it doesn’t play nice with this.

Yeah. Unfortunately Google Calendar integration won’t play nice with this kind of setup.