Item selection in Windows App vs. Mobile App inconsistency

Not necessarily a bug but an inconsistency that is non-intuitive…

On the Mobile app (iOS), if you click on an item then entire item is “very lightly selected”. This seems to imply that any operation performed will affect everything within that selection. Changing the color proves this by altering the color of everything that was lightly selected.

On the Window application, clicking an items does the same with a “very lightly selected” item. However, if you right-click on the item header bullet (to make the pop-up menu appear with coloring options), the “light selection” disappears, and if there are any child items, everything from that selected item down to all children is highlighted brightly. This imply that the change you are about to make (a color change in this example) will be applied to everything that is now hightlighted. However, selecting the color change only affects the originally ‘lightly selected’ item. This is as originally expected, but the “full selection” that appears seems non-intuitive and confusing.

Are you talking about the “current line highlight” like this?

That’s an option you can turn on/off to make it clear which line your cursor is typing on.

When you use the right click menu, or perform a multi-select (new on mobile), it will be highlighted in light blue. In those cases, any actions will be applied to the outer-most items.