Item level show/hide checked items setting

My To-Do List has many levels, and actually contains a bunch of mini lists. Sometimes I like to see the checked-off items, and sometimes I don’t.

Currently, I’m forced to choose between seeing checked items everywhere, or nowhere. If this were something I could override at a per-item level, it’d be fantastic.

So if my global setting is “hide checked items”, I could go to my grocery list for the week and turn on “show checked items”, which breaks away from the default setting.

If I then set my grocery list to “hide checked items”, it basically just nukes the item-level preference altogether and return back to whatever the default was. This would prevent any weirdness if, say, I changed the global default to “show checked items” — I wouldn’t want my grocery list to be stuck on “hide checked items” forever.

Thanks for considering!

I imagine you already know this is already implemented per document.

I’m not sure how feasible it’ll be to enable this per node as you have request.

You could however use a trick to achieve something close to what you want:


I turned off CHECKED ITEMS for that document, and added a seen link at the top of that document.

So if I need to show all movies I’ve seen, I just click seen - which is just a document search for IS:COMPLETED

Because the feature is per-document, I can just use the keyboard shortcut to toggle checked vs. unchecked. But my to-do list’s top-level has roughly a trillion completed items in it, and the “Do Tuesday’s Chores” checklist that’s on my to-do list has about 5 things on it… So when I want to see the two or three things I’ve completed on that list, I have to turn on the trillion other items too. It’s a bit much.

Even if my To-Do list were its own document, I still want to have its top-level items hidden when they’re complete, but sub-level items shown when they’re complete. It’s in the spirit of the app’s infinite flexibility, which was its appeal for me. This constraint feels arbitrarily scoped to documents when, in general, I would aspire to have documents and nodes be as similar as possible in terms of functionality.