Item finder - search priorities

I was wondering if you could provide us some insight about how the Item Finder prioritizes the results? I have been using this feature to jump quickly between lists and sections of lists. However, it doesn’t seem that Item finder takes into consideration “Frequency of use”. Some other search tools tend to put to the top; the results that have been used most frequently. Where as Item finder, I am not sure how its prioritizing the results.

This could help with naming of outline items to optimize them to come back in the search.


Thanks for your question!

It’s hard to answer this question though, as the actual algorithm is pretty complicated. The frequency of using that document is not one of the factors though, only how well the name of the document matches your query.

The special case is when you don’t enter anything. In that case, the 5 last accessed documents are shown.

I hope that helps!

Perhaps another way to ask the question is, can we do something in the text of a line in an outline to help it come up higher in search results.

For example, perhaps I have a parent node in an outline that I frequently use. Could I add some special text to the beginning or the end of the line that will improve the chance of that item coming to the top?

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Yeah, that’s a highly requested one, and I personally want it as well.

Here’s the main feature request post for it: Find search terms in parent nodes as well

That, plus making the item title more specific (it would require extra work though), are the ways that I can think of to make them more findable.