Item Finder Results

Steps to reproduce

Open Item Finder
Search “ha” for hazmat
Search “501” or “111”

P.S. I didn’t actually use quotation mark in the search.

Expected result

Show hazmat for "ha"
Show 501 or 111 for “501” or “111”

Actual result

Search “ha” show “change” instead “hazmat”, hazmat is not on the list.

Search “501”, but “501” is in the third result (I have three 501 in my list, two other didn’t show), and all other are random items.

Search “111” didn’t show up in the whole list (just some random items), which I have 2 item contain it.


Windows 10 / Chrome

Additional information

I remember one pose Erica mention item finder prioritize exact phrase before fuzzy logic, but the result don’t seem like that is what happen.

Additional comments

I like fuzzy logic (it help when I misspell), but I don’t think they should ever take higher priority than exact phrase, and when I said “exact phrase” I mean something like “change” should never show up before “hazmat” when I search “ha”, “501” should show up first three results and the fuzzy logic stuff. But right now I’m kind feel like I can’t really trust item finder’s result because I don’t really understand the logic behind it. Thanks for the any help and have a great weekend.

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