[Item Finder] Document scope vs global scope


I’m in a document. Looking for another item in document. Open Item Finder, but there are way too many matches!

Just like the Find feature, we need to make a distinction between document scope vs global scope.

Proposed Solution

Hitting Cmd-Shift-O opens item finder in document scope. Hitting Cmd-Shift-O when the item finder is open toggles between document scope and global scope. A simple tool-tip can be added to the item finder to tell users about this. The design is a common pattern used in IDEs, etc.

I think items in the same document as the current document already get more weight and show up higher up the results list. Maybe not weighed enough?

Not sure how much the weighting needs to be changed, but the interface definitely gets overwhelming (we have a lot of documents and items in Dynalist!).

Ok, we’ll keep experimenting with this. Obviously there’s lots of room for improvement!