Issues with Inbox and Inoreader


I’m using Inoreader and the Dynalist app, and am sharing thing to the Dynalist Inbox via the share extension. I am using the latest version of iOS.

Issues I’ve encountered

  1. The order of the items in the list were out of order for some reason. Instead of having the most recent items on the bottom, one of them appeared in the middle of the list. I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, when I tested it again. Perhaps my cursor was in the wrong place when I had the page open on my desktop?

  2. When I share an article from Inoreader (which should be free to test), if I share an article from the list view, it will share the title and link, but if I open a preview of the article, it will only share the title.

Misc issues I’ve noted once

  1. Sometimes the Inbox doesn’t update after something is shared to it, until something is shared to it again, even after reloading at least once (and then sharing the second item).

  2. I tried to delete a point, but it wouldn’t let me do so. All of the children were on the same level. I had to reload the page and then try to delete it. I will report again if I experience any other issues.

Other information:

After inoreader updated their app, Telegram has experience issues, too, with posting empty messages alongside links and titles, or sometimes posting links only, depending on how the article was shared.