Is there any keyboard shortcut to move cursor from search field to results?

Hi there!

I use Dynalist to make everyday diary notes. I’ve bookmarked search query within:now and open it with Ctrl+O. And then I’m trying to move cursor to the results. Quite inconsistent count of tab + arrow down (around 5) and here you go.

Also it seems impossible in multi-document search. Maybe I’m missing something.

So, is there known keyboard-only good way to move cursor from search to results?


So sorry for the late reply! We’ve been doing an office move recently.

Tab should always work. Could you try that?

Hi Erica.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried what you suggested.

  1. In Dynalist app for Windows it takes Tab × 6 times to move cursor caret into resulting document.
  2. In Dynalist website opened in Chrome tapping Tab never makes cursor caret move into document. Instead it starts cycling through Chrome’s own browser controls. Although, Ctrl+Tab does in first try. BTW, this trick works in app too.

That’s weird, I can’t repro the bug at all. Maybe it depends on the document?

I created a new document and it seems fine. My test document has only one item and I searched for the text in it. One Tab and I went from the search bar to that item.

Could you try that and let me know if it works for you?

Okay, seems I’ve managed to reproduce this behavior.

  1. Create new test document

  2. Fill it with structure like this:

    - test
        - asd
            - qwe
                - rty
                    - fgh !(2018-09-01) 
  3. Bookmark a search within:now in this document.

  4. Close bookmark panel (dunno if it affects but nonetheless).

  5. Open this document and put cursor in the first line. There is a cursor on the screenshot but it won’t catch it.

  6. Push Ctrl+O to open navigation and write test. Navigate with arrow keys to test search and press Enter.

  7. Now cursor is vanished. It takes 4 Tab for me to make cursor reappear in the first line.

Maybe this can help.