Is there any help documentation specifically for the mobile app?

I’m new to Dynalist. I had been using a different app (MobisleNotes) that is being decommissioned at the end of the year, so I have been playing around with everything I can find that might be a suitable replacement, and Dynalist has come out the winner (for me). Using my use of MobisleNotes as my benchmark, I use both the Windows and Android versions, but I primarily use the mobile version. For me, the Windows version is primarily for backup, and when I want to copy/paste large blocks of text to/from something like email. Also, when doing lots of heads down typing. The Windows version is much more conducive to that.

My problem is that although most of the functionality is the same, regardless of the platform (Windows vs Android), there are some subtle differences. Whenever I access the help files to figure something out, they are (as far as I can tell) exclusively geared to the Windows versions.

An example: in the mobile app, across the top of the screen, there are a series of icons. Most of them are explanatory, but what is the one that looks like two stacked checkboxes, with the top one checked? I’ve played around with my folders/documents/lists with and without that icon highlighted, and I cannot see any difference in how things work.

Although I would love to know the answer to my example above, I’m even more interested in finding some kind of “mobile-only” or “mobile-differences” help files.

Does this exist somewhere, and I just haven’t found it yet?

This is multi-select mode. Because you don’t have a mouse to drag-select multiple items, mobile needed that button.

I don’t think there is any mobile guide. I think any feature where the mobile functionality is different, it just makes mention of this in the feature help page.

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