Is there a way to make lists checklists by default?



I find myself clicking Make Checklist pretty much every time I make a new list. I know there’s a keyboard shortcut, but for me, checklists are the rule, not the exception.

I don’t see anything the settings, but I just want to make sure. Is there any way to make lists checklists by default?


There’s no way to do that, unfortunately.

You can make the entire document a checklist with the shortcut though, which will make any newly creative list a checklist in that document.

That means you only need to do it once for each document.


OK, thanks @Erica, that’s what I figured. Just worth noting that I set (almost?) every list to a checklist, so it might be worth adding a default there, just something I noticed.



This is not a perfect solution to your problem, however, its worth noting: if a parent node is set as a checklist, its children by default will be a checklist. If the parent does not have a checkbox, then of course the children do not have. In other words, if you can organize your structure that the parent has a checkbox, then the children will have. Its worth noting, that if the “Inbox” feature is set to a parent node set as a checkbox, then new nodes created via the inbox will also have a checkbox.