Is there a way to make lists checklists by default?



I find myself clicking Make Checklist pretty much every time I make a new list. I know there’s a keyboard shortcut, but for me, checklists are the rule, not the exception.

I don’t see anything the settings, but I just want to make sure. Is there any way to make lists checklists by default?


There’s no way to do that, unfortunately.

You can make the entire document a checklist with the shortcut though, which will make any newly creative list a checklist in that document.

That means you only need to do it once for each document.


OK, thanks @Erica, that’s what I figured. Just worth noting that I set (almost?) every list to a checklist, so it might be worth adding a default there, just something I noticed.



This is not a perfect solution to your problem, however, its worth noting: if a parent node is set as a checklist, its children by default will be a checklist. If the parent does not have a checkbox, then of course the children do not have. In other words, if you can organize your structure that the parent has a checkbox, then the children will have. Its worth noting, that if the “Inbox” feature is set to a parent node set as a checkbox, then new nodes created via the inbox will also have a checkbox.



I know this is an old thread but I’m new to dynalist and would like to echo Eric’s suggestion of adding a default-option to checklists.


EVERYTHING is a checklist? You’re a madman, an absolute madman. Imagining a world where every abstraction has a done or not done status looming over it. The consequences, the nuances, the context of everything tyrannized by these brutal judgements of completeness. The paradigm is too much for my mind to bear.


I guess @George3 or others use Dynalist as a note-taking application? I (and apparently @Sarah1) use it primarily for checklists, so having that by default makes sense.

Also @George3, we’re not saying “everything” is a checklist. Just more than half the things are checklists.