Is there a way to make items on the flat search results page editable?

I hope I’m making sense here. I have some recurring tasks that show up on a single page via flat search. The problem is that I can’t directly check off those tasks. I have to click on the individual task which re-directs me to the original list that task belongs to. I check it off there and then I need to go back to the flat search results page. The process just feels a bit tedious and unnatural due to having to go back and forth all the time.


I totally understand the use case, Alem. Unfortunately there’s no way to directly edit flat/global search results.

Hopefully we’ll make them editable eventually!


I hope so too! Thanks. :slight_smile:


Still something I want as well. The flat search is nice, but the ability to edit things would just make so many more use cases possible.

At the moment this is implemented in a way Dynalist usually does not work. Normally Dynalist follows a “what you see you can edit” philosophy.