Is there a way to get back a "Deleted Document or even a Folder" for a Pro User?

I wanna upgrade to the pro version. But before doing that, I need to clear some doubts. I don’t see any trash bin dynalist free version. I read somewhere that there is no “Trash Bin” even in the pro version. Only has a “History” feature. But can the “History” feature recover a “Deleted Document or a Complete Folder consisting of loads of documents”? If not, then what’s the solution?

A solution is to configure daily backups. A zipped copy of your outline can be posted to your cloud drive, and you can restore your file from there. Failing that, a request in the DynaList discord can generally get a support person to restore a file for you.

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But why don’t the devs add the “Trash Bin” feature? It is a necessary feature for every user.

How do you deal with this problem? May I know the process in detail?

I don’t delete documents. I asked devs about a trash bin, because you are right, but it’s not happening.