Is there a way to find arbitrarily nested descendants of a given parent?

Consider this hierarchy:

  • [@]Project1
    • ++ task 1
    • random text a
    • random text b
      • ++ task 2 ```

I’d like to be able to find just the items with “++” in the node title

parent:@Project1 in:title ++ just gives ++ task 1

Note: the [@] was to let it show properly in the post. The [] should be ignored

Hi Fraser! Fellow user here. You’re right, the parent operator only searches the direct parent of the node, so it can’t be used for the task you’re attempting. We’ve requested an ancestor tag for just this purpose.

As a workaround, to get the effect you’re looking for, I’d zoom into the “Project1” node and then search for ++. You can bookmark that search or turn it into a link if it’s something you’d use often.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Craig!

I mix my meeting notes with the tasks under each point so that I retain the context of the task. As a result, I have thousands of these situations, compounded by subsequent revisiting and further tasks beneath the originals. Can be bewildering as you might imagine but the context is king for me - it allows the task to be short.

I hope ancestor:[@]Project1 in:title ++ one day sees some love

Happy Dynalist-ing!

Like this?

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Almost, Kenneth. I need to preserve the nesting so I have the context above each ++

Like this?


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Yes, if your search specs included “Videoediting” as the ancestor of the “++” descendants

Well no, then as I didn’t read it properly. In my case, “Videoediting” would have been a project within which I am looking for all “++” descendants, preserving their context via their ancestor nodes