Is there a program to copy full folder path directories?

Does anyone know of a program to do this?

Basically you have a folder on your computer

And subfolders inside of that

Possibly more subfolders in those

Some text file names + images in those

Is there a program that copies all of the structure hierarchy, so I could import it into dynalist?

Example file structure:

What it would look like when I right click →copy folder structure into dynalist and paste the opml format

in txt format paste

All I could find was a program called xcopy and robocopy, possibly scripting with directoryopus, and maybe something in command prompt

Hi Vincent,

An old stalwart program that does this type of thing is Karen’s Directory Printer. Haven’t used it in years but I can’t think why it wouldn’t still work and do what you want.

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hmm i looked through the alternatives

Filelist Creator might work

if it doesn’t work I’ll just have to use some windows API + python libraries to get it work.

Might be way too much work for me though


okay all you had to do was run the command prompt and type in tree /a /f > fileName.txt

I had a quick look at the alternatives as well. As a data map using a tree structure, without all the metadata, the program that I thought was a very nice implementation was Snap2HTML. Especially as you can make the links live - effectively replicating a file explorer. This would also avoid putting too much overhead on your Dynalist document if you were mapping a whole system.

I wanted to have the ability to specify two things

  • FolderName hierarchy only (in the event there’s too many file names, I add them manually on whichever ones I need too)
  • FolderNames + filenames hierarchy

By the way looks really nice for navigating document but unfortunately I can’t take any notes on anything here.

They used wordpress as an example here which is pretty much what I would use this for

I’m not entirely sure if I really need a filelist maker actually, I think if I have a better github/git-commit workflow for my projects, it should be good enough.

I think I’ll be okay to do everything manually since I really only need to do it only a handful of times

Filelist maker does make something like this just for folderNames and their full path

This is what I’m going to use probably and store it as a .csv file

Later on I’ll write a basic python script to convert this into dynalist OPML format.

Pseudocode would look like this:

  1. Use \ to seperate out values
  2. Search through after each \ for unique names
  3. Store those in an array
  4. Search through the next child items, repeat

I think I need to make a hashtable here but I’m just going to ask stackoverflow forums for help later

After all is said and done I’m going publish it on heroku or pythonanywhere so anyone can use it

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You should try Directory Report
It can print many file attributes in many file formats
Even directly to MS-Excel