Is there a performance penalty with using custom css?

I am experimenting with css for the first time! I am currently running @vincent_tang 's custom css setup. It is about 7.5kb and looks a bit big. the code

Loving it but wondering if there is a chance of it slowing down how responsive dynalist is when using it in the browser/android app.(I dont mind the initial loading time when i open dynalist first time in a tab)

Using chrome on windows 10, and MIUI 11. Also, is there any gotchas I should know about using custom css with dynalist?


There absolutely is. The more complicated the matching expressions are in your css, the longer it will take your browser to process. I found this true even with just a few lines of CSS. It’s not how many things you have (though I’m sure that factors in a bit), but how difficult it is for the browser.

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Got it. Thank you!

+1 to what @Alan said.

CSS performance is a deep topic, so I would suggest just test the same document with and without your CSS to see if you notice any difference. If not, it’s probably not the custom style’s fault.

Thank you. I did do some testing with a countdown timer and a heavy document and there is noticeable slowdown with some stuff, and almost none with others.

YMMV, but for anyone else seeing this - I found making mods to bullet icons to slow down load times and responsiveness upto 2x. page headers and headings cause some slowdown too. color changes to urls, mods to notes and highlighting current item etc. have almost no effect.