Is there a Keyboard Shortcut for going Back/Forward WITHIN a document? 🤔

Hey guys and gals,

As title—is there such a shortcut?

I know there’s back and forth commands for jumping between documents, but some individual documents (like mine) are heavily nested—so going back and forth between bullets/breadcrumbs and documents would be super helpful


Are you on web or desktop?

On web you would use the browser default shortcut to go back and forward. On desktop it’s Alt+Left/Right.

Of course I’m assuming you want to navigate to where you were before, not to zoom out or in.

Hey Erica!

I’m using the mac desktop app. :raised_hands:t4:

Hmmm, this doesn’t work for me. :thinking:

To confirm, this is navigation within a single document? i.e. 5-6 levels deep

On Mac please try Cmd+Left/Right. macOS system uses Alt+Left/Right for something important (switching spaces maybe? I don’t remember exactly what), and we couldn’t override that.

It will go back one step in history. If you zoomed in, it will zoom back. Just like a browser. Not sure if that’s what you wanted?

Cmd+Left/Right will move cursor to the beginning/end of line

For long documents, I use ctrl + [ and ctrl + ] to go back and forth between nodes.

So cmd + [ and cmd + ] ?

Does it work when you’re not editing any line?

Not editing a line does nothing (for me).

Editing a line CMD+Left/Right moves a node up/down for me lol, like dragging a row in an excel table up and down.

This is all using the desktop mac app btw.

not editing a line = yes, it jumps between nodes.

Hmm weird, you and @errno seem to see different things when using that shortcut while NOT editing a line.