Is it possible to have the date display format available in french language from settings panel?

Hello @Erica, hello @Shida,

For some customization i am currently into, i would like to have the date displayed in French language within dynalist.

I have checked the moment.js customization doc you mentionned once, and it seems totally possible as there is already some build-in features for that.

The question is, is it possible to adjust so with some code inside the “date display format” option you offer in Dynalist settings ??

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Hi @dyab,

Can you give us an example of what you want the date to look like?

Custom date format is a Pro feature by the way :grimacing:

Pro I am @Erica : This is strange that it is not mentionned next to my pseuso, by the way.

As an example, it could be like the following format “MMM | DD | dd”, but with “MMM” and “dd” in French.

Log in again to the forum might fix it, if you upgraded after first logging into the forum.

Hmm, not sure about that, as I don’t know French. You can do anything as long as these formatting rules permit it: Moment.js | Docs

Yes ok, then to ask it in another way : is it possible to use the function defined here : inside the “date display format” option available in Dynalist settings, or does it stick only to the format section you mention above ?

Hello @Erica, hello @Shida,

That is me again with my date display customizations :slight_smile:.

This time i would have a query about the feasability to integer the main moon phases next to the date (whatever the format) thanks to moment.js.

To say it in a another way, it could be also the possibility to switch from the solar calendar to the lunar calendar, or at least to add the latter information to the first (luni-solar).

I have founded this “Moment-lunar” plug-in on github which sounds promising: What do you think about that ?

Thanks a lot, have a good One,


PS: This request would be for both Dynalist & Obsidian (which i am staeting to use since this very week-end) :wink: