Is it possible to embed a google sheet?

There were iframe scripts for workflowy that made it possible to embed from google sheets. There has to be soemthing for Dynalist, but I haven’t figured it out. Any advice?


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Check out Powerpack 3 on this board. It offers some added functionality, including this ability.

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I just tried it myself with PowerPack and it works.

But I think there will be problems with logging in properly.

Unfortunately, it’s not one of Dynalist’s built-in features (yet). Sorry!

I hear a “yet”! This is a good sign! :smile:

Hmmm, I tried it, and instead of an embed, I just have the link to google sheets surrounded by the

Okay, and the iframe works here, but not in my Dynalist, so weird!

All right, I finally got it to work, but the code syntax I used (found via google) is a little different than the code given in the Powerpack 3 documentation:

< iframe src=“” width=“760” height=“500” frameborder=“0” marginheight=“0” marginwidth="0"Loading…

But with no space between the < and iframe.

Whew! And thanks.

Annie, I’m glad you got it working. I use this code, and it works for me: #embed|width:100%|height:750px GOOGLE-SHEET-URL-HERE ##