Is it possible to create a line item without a bullet point?

One thing I’ve been really missing during my short time with Dyanlist is the ability to add blank lines as separators between sections (i.e. empty lines with no bullet points).

I realize this is an outliner and all but there is something very important, to me at least, about being able to visually separate sections of a doc or section. I love everything about outliners and I think it maps well to how my mind works, however having everything tied together with no breathing room can feel a little claustrophobic :slight_smile:

I’ve checked out and I really like the way they’ve added a “None” item type… I think something like this could work really well in Dynalist?

In the meantime I’ve been using empty lines in the notes field to accomplish this which works but has a lot of downsides mainly around having to update it every time I move that section.

Does anyone know of any css tweaks/plugins that will accomplish similar behavior?


Does Shift+Ctrl+Enter do the job for you?


Seems identical to Shift+Enter?

The Ctrl addition makes the line space the same size as the previous line in a node whereas Shift + Enter makes a note, with smaller line space.

Hmm, this combination doesn’t seem to do anything on mac app/chrome. Shift+Enter moves to the note field for the current item but Shift+Ctrl+Enter has no affect.

In, I liked the single lines that would break things up. In Dynalist, I use an empty item with a colored background to create a similar dividing effect. The bullet point is always still there, but the full line of color ends up delivering that breathing room you’re looking for.

The only thing I do sometimes for this is to add a note with some spaces in it - this gives more space under the bullet than if it has no note … doesn’t really work if you’re actually using the note section though

I agree a blank line would be nice visually and organisationally sometimes too - I wonder if this could be arranged in CSS actually? Some tag which achieves this or something?

There’s no built-in functionality for this. Might be doable with custom CSS… need to look into that to be sure.

This is part of the powerpack. search for it here in the forums. Rather flimsy but offers an option that does exactly what you ask.

I used the ascii-art type of approach (bound to a custom system-wise shortcut, in my case the first one is e.g. capslock+=). Works everywhere :joy: