Is anyone doing anything with the document read API?

Dynalist’s API can give the whole document in json like
“token”: “your api secret token”,
“file_id”: “document id”


"_code": “OK”,
"_msg": “”,
“title”: “Todo list”,
“nodes”: [
“id”: “<node #1 id>”,
“content”: “Buy milk”,
“note”: “2L whole milk”,
“checked”: true,
“collapsed”: false,
“parent”: “root”,
“children”: []

But I can’t really find a way to harness it. Can someone describe or show what they do? IFTTT doesn’t work (WebHooks can’t read what the API returns nor parse json). I need inspiration.

My dreams are:

  • Maintain a blog in a dynalist document for ease of editing, but a (wordpress-like) blog website syncs my posts via the API.

  • Have a digital assistant or IFTTT geofence trigger send me SMS texts or emails of the contents of my lists, like if I am by a grocery store my phone will buzz with eggs, bread, peanutbutter. It would get it from a certain parent item called shopping list.

  • That sort of thing.

I’d think more about it if I knew the first step to even harnessing the API though. I don’t even know what to google. “REST json do things with” ??

Check-out one of the other automation platforms, like Integromat or Zapier or MS Flow. I know for sure Integromat has a lot of JSON functions and iterators that would let you work with the results.

More power means more to learn though.