IPhone browsers multiselect not useable

Steps to reproduce

Start on a screen with a lot of entries.
Scroll down a bunch.
Turn on select checkbox.
Select multiple things.

Expected result

I expect the black popup toolbar to let me set colors or whatever.

Actual result

Just highlights no toolbar.


Iphone os13
Safari, Firefox

Additional information

I wish the toolbar was static position on bottom of browser window. Maybe it does come up but out of scroll view? Not really feasible to be relative to cursor when doing multiple selection.

Additional comments

Now that i have more experience i think that black bar is more nuisance than help on a phone. Replacing it with the desktop hamburger and having that pull up the black bar would be miles better!

Good catch! Seems like the toolbar never shows up on multiselect.

The problem with iOS is that there isn’t a reliable way to position toolbars at the bottom of web pages, which is why the black popup toolbar appears in the middle of the text instead of having a bottom-based toolbar like the mobile app, or on Android.

In either case, we’ll fix this soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

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