iPad Smart Keyboard Arrow Keys Don’t Work



Thank you for the update! Now I’m moving to Dynalist from Workflowy!


This is fantastic. Thanks for adding this, what a game-changer! Now, if only there were a way to zoom in and out of bullets with the keyboard…


Are Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] not working…?


No, that combination doesn’t work for me sadly. Using a 3p keyboard (Logitech) set to US English. Can you link me to the docs for iOS external keyboard shortcuts? To be honest I wasn’t aware that there were any up until recently.


Can’t zoom in using the shortcut Ctrl+[/] either. I am using Logitech K380 on iOS 11.4. Hope this is not off-topic. It might be better to open another thread for that.
Anyway, thanks for your work on fixing this arrow key issue!


Documentation is the same as other platforms: https://help.dynalist.io/article/91-keyboard-shortcut-reference

Because iOS intercepts many shortcuts, some of them are not working. Tab, Shift+Tab, Up, and Down are all cases that were intercepted by the iOS system.

More complicated shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+M to move should always work.

And yeah, what @joegnis said, if the zoom in/out shortcuts are important to you, I’d appreciate it if you could open a new topic on it :slight_smile:

iOS external keyboard shortcuts for zooming don't work