[iPad Pro] Firefox share a page only includes the title, no url


I saw “[iPad Pro] is there a ‘Clip to Dynalist’ extension for Safari” in which Erica suggests using the share feature.

When using the share feature in Firefox, without any text selected, Dynalist seems to only receive the Title of the page. Now I’m not sure if this is a feature request, a bug, or an impossibility based on the iPad share api, but… it would be great if Share when no text was selected included the URL as well.

I’ll note that if you share to mail or other apps they do seem to be able to get the url, so I have some hope that the url may be available in the iOS share api.

Thank you!!!

P.S. Use Dynalist and Obsidian every single day. Thank you so much for all your work!!!

Version Details:
iOS: 15.1
iOS Firefox: 40.2 (7167)
iOS Dynalist: Uh,... I can't tell, but all apps updated as of today 2021-01-07, so whatever the most recent app store release is.