Ipad Keyboard shortcuts

Hello, Dynalist became an essential element in my life. My work is switching between my Mac to Ipad. and I’m using the smart keyboard. But unfortunately, the shortcuts do not work through it. (Collapse all shortcut for example)


same thing here!

I imagine Dynalist can be a very good productivity tool for iPad with smart keyboards once the keyboard shortcuts are implemented properly

I want to re-emphasize on this issue, and hopeful can get it prioritized somehow.

With iPad OS coming this fall, analyses are showing the sales of iPad Smart Keyboard will increase dramatically. I think it would be better for Dynalist to capture this opportunity sooner than later.


@erica + other devs: it’s a shame there isn’t more of a forum here to celebrate the awesome features of the app … in particular the stellar job so far of rolling out Keyboard Shortcuts to the iPad. Love it. There will always be minor feature disparity between iPad and Desktop, but for the moment thought it’d be nice to give you guys some props for implementing these!

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