iOS up/down arrow keys do not work in 1.3.8


Up and down arrow keys on external keyboard with iOS (iPad) do not move between items. This was fixed a few years ago - there’s an old fixed bug in the tracker - but seems to have reappeared in last week’s update.

Expected result

Up and Down arrows should move to previous and next item, as in browser/desktop apps

Actual result

Move instead to start and end of current item, as in normal iOS text control


iOS 12.3.1
iOS native app 1.3.8

It turns out this resolved itself with an update to iOS 13.2.3 - I guess it was a compatibility issue between iOS 12 and with the last Dynalist update.

That’s correct. We relied on a rather poor hack to workaround a bug in iOS that’s been fixed in iOS 13.

Given that they fixed the issue, we removed the hack because it caused serious performance issues in some cases. Unfortunately, this also caused iOS 12 and earlier to no longer have up/down arrow support on external keyboards.