iOS task edit menu can't be scrolled horizontally when multiple tasks are selected

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Dynalist iOS app
  2. Check box at top of screen to select multiple items in a list. The task editing menu appears at the very bottom of the screen.
  3. Touch task editing menu and slide to left or right.

Expected result

The menu should slide left or right so that I can access additional menu items, the same way it does during single-task selection. The menu should also display large enough for me to see icons fully.

Actual result

Menu icons are partially obscured by the bottom-center bar displayed on the iPhone screen, and further obscured by the rounded corners of the iPhone. Worse, the menu cannot actually be scrolled horizontaly because sliding to the left or right is overridden by the iPhone’s default functionality that swiping right on the bottom of the screen will swap to the next most recently used open app. (Swiping left just causes the Dynalist window to bounce a bit and do nothing.) This means that it’s impossible during multiple item selection to see task editing menu items that aren’t currently visible onscreen.

Current Workaround

Turn off multiple item selection. Select a single item. Adjust the task editing menu so that the specific functionality you want is visible onscreen. Check multiple item selection item. Check items you want to edit. Press desired button on task editing menu.


  • iPhone 12 mini
  • Current version of iOS (16.5.1)
  • Current version of Dynalist iOS app (1.4.16, according to the App Store)
  • Not running any third-party apps and the CSS I’ve added in Pro only changes the color scheme.

Additional information

  1. Screenshot showing how items in bottom menu are partially obscured (and actually the bottom few pixels are also getting cut off of the icons). Note that screenshot doesn’t capture the rounded corners of my screen also causing issues:

  2. Screenshot showing what happens when I start to slide right on the bottom menu, with another app starting to appear:

Additional comments

This issue does not occur in the mobile browser versions (current versions of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) because the browser version uses a floating menu instead of a static one at the bottom of the screen.

Nor is it a problem during single-task selection because the onscreen keyboard will display underneath this menu, causing the menu to appear closer to the middle of the screen.

I’d recommend either switching to a floating menu for multiple task selection, or expanding the menu height tall enough that it becomes fully visible and usable.