IOS Shortcut/SIRI for Input to Dynalist

Some others have hinted at this but this is a simple way to quickly get something into Dynalist’s email inbox from your iPhone. I created an IOS Shortcut called Dyno. I can run it from a bookmark on my home screen or I can simply say “Hey Siri, Dyno”. I named it Dyno because Siri rarely misunderstands the word. You could obviously change it.

My shortcut allows you to dictate the item’s text, and choose or say a date, which is stored in the item note. This could be elaborated with tags, a text note, etc. but my purpose is to quickly capture something which I can then develop in detail within Dynalist. I wanted a date so it will definitely pop up in my weekly review, although it is pretty visible in my designated inbox.

Here is the shortcut: Dyno

All you have to do is edit it to fill in the address of your Dynalist inbox (Pro feature?):

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