iOS Physical keyboard inserting UIKeyInputDownArrow, UIKEYINPUTUPARROW, UIKeyInputUpArrow randomly

Steps to reproduce

I am using an iPad Pro with a Smart keyboard. Sometimes, but frequently, but not all the time, as I use the up and down arrow keys the following words of text are inserted (just one word, but I list off what I have seen):

  • UIKeyInputDownArrow
  • UIKeyInputUpArrow

Expected result

These look like debugging statements that should not appear in the UI when using the up and down arrow keys.

Again, its totally random, I can’t find a pattern.


iOS - newest version
iPad pro 10.5
Apple smart keyboard

@Erica I want to ping this issue one more since there hasn’t been a response. I am using Dynalist in a training environment for making notes and this is not a good bug when using physical keyboard in on a mobile device

@Erica I just wanted to raise attention again to this bug. I am doing extensive note taking all day on my iPad and this bug is very noticable in the random arrow movement information it can leave in my notes. I wish I could determine what is causing it, but I havent found a reason yet.


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2018-11-01 IoS with Bluetooth keyboard I reproduced I suspect my impatient use of down arrow

I have screen shot but does not want to post can I email

Yes, can you please send in a ticket with the screen shot attached? @Rich_Pitts

I can actually reproduce this on our end. Will be looking to get it fixed.

Hi team, just reporting that I’m also seeing this. After about 10 presses of up on a physical keyboard I get the cryptic “UIKeyInputUpArrow”. Just thought I’d let you know!

Sorry, @JohnLi, for the super late reply.

Shida looked into this bug a year ago, and although he can repro it, he couldn’t find a fix for it. There’s no information on the internet about this bug either. Sorry about that!

EDIT: Actually, we just found out that we might be able to fix this in iOS 13. We’ll look into that!

Should be fixed on the latest version (1.3.7). You’ll need to use iOS 13 or later for up/down on external keyboards to work though.

The reason is that iOS had a bug related to up/down key that was fixed in iOS 13, and we used to rely on a very ugly hack that intercepts the natively overriden up/down keys.

Now that iOS 13 fixes the bug, we’ve removed the hack. It does mean that for iOS 12 or earlier, up/down keys will no longer work, but I’m so glad it’s removed because it relies on a very sketchy method that’s not officially recommended.

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