iOS Physical keyboard inserting UIKeyInputDownArrow, UIKEYINPUTUPARROW, UIKeyInputUpArrow randomly



Steps to reproduce

I am using an iPad Pro with a Smart keyboard. Sometimes, but frequently, but not all the time, as I use the up and down arrow keys the following words of text are inserted (just one word, but I list off what I have seen):

  • UIKeyInputDownArrow
  • UIKeyInputUpArrow

Expected result

These look like debugging statements that should not appear in the UI when using the up and down arrow keys.

Again, its totally random, I can’t find a pattern.


iOS - newest version
iPad pro 10.5
Apple smart keyboard

@Erica I want to ping this issue one more since there hasn’t been a response. I am using Dynalist in a training environment for making notes and this is not a good bug when using physical keyboard in on a mobile device


@Erica I just wanted to raise attention again to this bug. I am doing extensive note taking all day on my iPad and this bug is very noticable in the random arrow movement information it can leave in my notes. I wish I could determine what is causing it, but I havent found a reason yet.



2018-11-01 IoS with Bluetooth keyboard I reproduced I suspect my impatient use of down arrow

I have screen shot but does not want to post can I email


Yes, can you please send in a ticket with the screen shot attached? @Rich_Pitts


I can actually reproduce this on our end. Will be looking to get it fixed.


Hi team, just reporting that I’m also seeing this. After about 10 presses of up on a physical keyboard I get the cryptic “UIKeyInputUpArrow”. Just thought I’d let you know!