iOS expand/collapse

Steps to reproduce

Press expand/collapse bottom in iOS app.

Expected result

Expand/collapse list

Actual result

Need to press multiple times for the function to work.


Using iOS app, try change list density and font size make no difference,

Additional information

Had same experience when use phone browser, was hoping iOS app will fix it. I don’t have large hands, but seem like the expand/collapse bottom is too small or something (never have this problem with other apps), “almost” always have to press three to five times just to expand or collapse lists.

Additional comments

Thanks for create the app.

I came to the forum to post exactly this. Expand/collapse is very spotty. This is the biggest issue with the app. The +/- need to be made larger or more responsive in some way. Right now usability is a big challenge since this is so fundamental.

Similar problem when trying to hit a checkbox.

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Can verify! Will prioritize fixing this for the iOS app.

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This is bugging me too. Looking forward to a fix :slight_smile:

Did you try their newest update? It fix for me.

Thanks for the heads-up, @Chin :slight_smile:

Yes, this should be fixed in the latest version, 1.1.11. Let us know if it’s still not fixed for you!

Works much better now in Mobile :facepunch:t2::ok_hand:t2:I want better keyboard hide and show when using the toolbar like change due date or add color or move item

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Coming soon!

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Awesome especially on my iPhone it is extremely important to edit Tasks,Projects on the fly.