IOS Dictation New Line is not equal to KB enter

While using IOS dictation, if you say new line the cursor will advance a line but it does not produce a new bullet point item.
Ideally it would be Dictate, new line “new bullet item” Dictate new Line “new bullet item”
Now it is Dictate, new line, Dictate new Line , you then have to manually go through the text and use enter.
Any idea on how to get new line to act as Enter ?

I have searched and I think it can’t be done. Part of the problem seems to be DynaList does not use conventional edit controls such that iOS doesn’t send non-keyboard inputs to the active line, and the New Bullet command doesn’t happen but only a newline character is sent.

As a test to prove this, I turned on the Accessibility Voice Control feature, and things like “Select Word” which will work in most apps, will do nothing in DynaList.

So, DynaList devs could fix this with a little effort to detect what sort of input was received, but unless they do, we can’t use Voice really on iOS

Thanks for having a look, I also tried a few things but to no avail. Pity, as voice is becoming more and more common