iOS cursor out of view when keyboard appears

Steps to reproduce

  1. open a document
  2. click on the bottom of the visible part of the document to start editing (where the keyboard is to appear)

Expected result

keyboard is opened and the view is scrolled such that the cursor is visible

Actual result

keyboard is opened, but the cursor is outside of the viewport


ios 12.5.1 on iphone 6 (latest available on this model)

If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Additional information

screencast demonstrating the bug:

Additional comments

When starting to edit further in the document (not on the top), the view scrolls, but to the wrong direction. When keyboard is opened and immediately closed, the place of intended edit is scrolled bellow the viewport.

The cursor could appear behind upper and lower toolbars as visible in the screencast.

I couldn’t reproduce this in the latest release, but unfortunately iOS 12 and below seems to have a lot of Apple bugs that has since been fixed in iOS13. I know you can’t upgrade due to your device’s limitations, but we probably won’t be able to ship a workaround for old iOS bugs.