iOS cursor moving via keyboard long-press issue

iOS has this great way to move the cursor by long-pressing anywhere on the keyboard, but in dynalist the horizontal movement results in some sort of fast super-scroll behavior. Horizontal movement works fine, but it’s almost impossible to move it only horizontally. Wanted to attach a video of it, but the forum doesn’t allow the file extension that iOS uses for screen capture


Would you be able to upload the video to a third party site and link it here? I’m trying to understand what you meant by super fast-scroll behavior and I think if you’re able to post the video that would help a lot!

I have experienced this intermittently.

You long-press on the keyboard, move the finger left/right to move the cursor left/right, and dynalist violently scrolls the document up and down. It seems to be connected to how much the finger actually moves up/down.

It seems to be connected to how much the finger actually moves up/down

Yes, but disproportionally so. Like, when I move the finger up/down ever so slightly, the page just scrolls fully up/down and I lose the selection

Would you be able to upload the video to a third party site and link it here?

I’ll try tomorrow

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here is the video:

this is me pressing and holding on the keyboard and then moving my finger horizontally and then vertically

I see. Will try to figure out why, but from the looks of it, seems like a native behavior that sounds difficult to fix. Hopefully not though!

So I’ve done some more extensive testing and it seems to be a native behavior when you move your finger too close to the top or bottom of the view box. (by iOS’s definition of “too close”, which really sucks because it’s almost the size of my thumb from the top, taking up nearly a third of my available screen-space with the keyboard up on the iPhone 7!)

Not sure if there’s any tricks we can use to work around it, but unfortunately it’ll probably remain an annoyance for you guys to remember to avoid accidentally moving your finger too close to iOS’s scroll zones. Sorry about that.

Do you have details to file an iOS bug report?

Out of curiosity I’ve installed iOS version of Workflowy (since it generally has the same nested/editable infinite list UI) and there the issue is not present. I can achieve the something like the same jumping behavior as in Dynalist, but it requires much more pronounced vertical movement (which is almost impossible to do accidentally) and also it doesn’t screw up with selection, just scrolls the list up or down, unlike in Dynalist, where it seems like I only need to barely move my finger up or down to get this issue and it screws up the selection in the active item

I did notice one difference though, which might be making things worse in Dynalist than in Workflowy: when I tap on a list item, the keyboard pops up and in Dynalist the selected item scrolls up to be just barely above the keyboard. In Workflowy it scrolls up to the middle of the remaining screen, which makes it better. Here, I’ll try to demonstrate it (in both cases I hold down my finger, then move horizontally, then move vertically. In Dynalist case it starts jumping up and down right after I hold finger down, before I even moved it):

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Good point! I think that’s something we can adjust to start with, which will improve the experience by a lot.

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It would indeed! Thanks.