IOS - Browser link save to Dynalist - markdown not applied

Steps to reproduce

IOS - Following update of app in the last couple of days. Save a link in browser to Dynalist using Save To option.

Expected result

Markdown should be applied i.e.

Page Title

Actual result

Works fine in Safari but not in Chrome. In Chrome the page title is not applied.


Latest version of ios app - updated 21/03/18

I’ll relay this to @Shida.

As far as I know, the object sent by Chrome is not as standard as what Safari sends, so we couldn’t get the title of the page last time we tried. Will try again and update here.

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Hi, did you get a chance to investigate this? It would be great to be able to send a page title/URL to Dynalist from Chrome (Android for me)

Will fix shortly and update here when we’re done!

@pottster: we just did some investigation, and unfortunately, Chrome doesn’t provide the page title at all.

@Jonathan_Cowperthwai: we might still be able to make it work for Android though. Empty is definitely very bad; working on it! :ok_hand:

Ok Erica. Thanks for following up anyway. :neutral_face:

In Safari the page title was put into the “Share” dialogue, so we have access to it. Not sure why Chrome doesn’t do the same… :neutral_face: